What is the Kangen water?

Kangen is a trademark of Enagic Inc. of Japan where more research has been done on drinking water than anywhere else. Kangen has become a household word in Japan and is now used mostly to describe pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis to obtain active hydrogen which is abundant in "extra" electrons. These extra electrons impart strong anti-oxidant properties to the drinking water.

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Kangen water

for colonic irrigation

Kangen water has many uses: Kangen Water - used for cooking/healthy drinking; Clean Water - used for drinking; Acidic Water - used for beauty; Strong Acidic Water - used for disinfecting. Our clinc is the first clinic where the Kangen water is a most important part of the colonic irrigation procedure.

Increase Hydration
Balance Body pH
Increase Blood Oxygenation
Neutralize Free Radicals

Kangen is a Japanese word best translated into English as "return to origin", which means several things when used to describe water. First, it describes water returned to the state in which water was often found in nature before the earth became polluted. Second, it implies that it will help to return your body to its original condition when you were young - including all of the organs and skin. It has a few other implied meanings that you will learn about in the videos.

Kangen water - an antioxidant

Kangen water is perhaps more powerful than any single food or vitamin supplement, because it contains active hydrogen which supplies huge amounts of extra electrons to our body. Most water electrolysis equipment will not create active hydrogen in the water, therefore, the equipment merely produces ionized alkaline water, not Kangen water. In fact, the antioxidant potential of a single glass of Kangen water would cost several dollars to duplicate with vitamin supplements and they would never be absorbed by our body the way water is.

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