PARASITES: A Plant or animal which lives upon or within another living organism at whose expense it obtains some advantage. (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 1994).

Why do you study parasites?

Ann Louise Gittleman studied with some of the great nutritionists of the Twentieth century and has a background in both clinical and alternative health care... Learn more in her article "Parasites: The Hidden Epidemic".


Colonic Cleansing and Parasites

Do You KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE You? Dr. Kevin Campbell, Ph.D., a doctor of theology, has been involved with herbal remedies and holistic heath care since 1978.

My wife and I travel quite a bit. Parasites have always been a big problem overseas, but I've noticed they're becoming more prevalent in the United States. In fact, Colorado is having serious problems with Giardia outbreaks. Giardia is an amoeba that invades the water supply. When people drink the contaminated water, it causes serious health problems. People often think that, because they cat well, they can't be infested with parasites. However, parasites can be transmitted in many ways. We've found that any type of bodily contact - even shaking hands or kissing - can spread them.

When you walk along a beach, parasites can burrow into your heel within seconds. Children get worms from pets and playgrounds and then pass them to other people. Virtually any activity can transfer parasites. It is therefore important to learn to recognise the symptoms of parasitic infestation. Some symptoms of parasites resemble those of chronic fatigue syndrome. People may also itch uncontrollably or have what appear to he tumors on their bodies. Other symptoms include headaches, lack of energy, leaky bowel syndrome, and constipation.

John Wayne, who died of colon cancer, had nearly eighty pounds of impacted fecal matter in his colon when he died. Fecal material is the perfect site for larva nesting and egg laying - a tapeworm can lay over a million eggs in its lifetime.

Most tapeworms come from common foods. The most prevalent type comes from certain kinds of popular imported fish. I have even heard reports of people pouring cola on raw pork chops and actually seeing worms come crawling out! I started taking herbal cleansing products in July 1996, and within the first two weeks, I passed various types of parasites, including a nine-inch-long round-worm. In the following weeks, I passed two or three other varieties. Some were like fuzz balls, and others were long and thin (I believe those were pinworms). It was three months before I finally slopped passing the large worms.

After getting rid of the parasites, my energy level shot right up. Honestly, 1 feel better than I've ever felt. I've lost almost forty pounds in a six-month period without even changing my diet. My clients are also seeing tremendous results. Patients who had only two or three bowel movements a week found that parasites were causing their constipation. Herbal solutions relieved their problems.

Published at Health News (V.3, N3, 2004. Triple R Publishing, Inc).